Saturday, March 29, 2008

Non-Traditional Gift Registry Ideas

Did you ever think you could register for a kayak, shares of stock, scuba diving lessons, cooking classes, or a moving company to move you into your new home? There are more options now than ever for non-traditional registries, where your guests can purchase all of these things and more!

So many of my clients these days are looking for gift registries that are not your typical Crate & Barrel or Pottery Barn. Although they still want to register for some of the more traditional items like new silverware or a mixer, they also would love to also register for products or services that are out of the ordinary! Not to mention, if you want to encourage your guests to give to a charity instead of giving you gifts, there are even registries now for non-profit giving. Here are just a few of the many a-typical registries you may want to check out: - Register for all things honeymoon related! Your guests can purchase activities for you such as a sunset cruise, a private beach dinner, or surfing lessons. Or, they can even contribute to your airline tickets, hotel rooms, or cab fare for your honeymoon travel.

Clara French - Local Seattle artist, Micaela Willis, offers cake stands and personalized plates that you will fall in love with. Couples can meet with her to review colors and designs to build a custom tableware setting. She can record your tableware choices and share this information & updates with all interested in purchasing wedding gifts for the bride & groom. – If you’re the couple that has everything, you can ask your guests to donate to a charity on your behalf. There are over 1 million non-profits to choose from, not to mention it’s a tax deductible gift for your guests! – This site allows you to add items from literally any store in the world, whether that store is online, or your favorite boutique down the street. You can add as many items as you’d like to your registry, from as many stores as you wish. The beauty is that they will all appear under one centralized, easy-to-use online registry.

I Do Foundation – If you create a gift registry through the I Do Foundation, up to 10% of guests' gift purchases from their partner stores will be donated to your selected charity. These donations are made at no additional cost to you or your guests. Crate and Barrel, Target, Home Depot, Macy’s and Pottery Barn are just a few of the partner stores you can register for through this site.

Lowe’s – Have you been wanting to paint your bedroom a new color, or buy a new patio set? That’s right, you can register for all of your home and garden items online.

Gifts of Stock – Want to play the stock market? You can create a gift registry where guests can purchase stock on your behalf! A certified broker will help guide your decisions as to which stocks you should select.

Have fun!!


  1. Thank you for mentioning the benefits of a honeymoon registry and describing the attributes behind this increasingly mainstream registry option for engaged couples.

    It is great to see how popular the honeymoon registry is becoming. When Traveler's Joy first started accepting Members over four years ago, we realized there was a large number of engaged couples that were not satisfied with the diversity of the traditional wedding registry market. Since then, the honeymoon registry has become a mainstream option for brides and grooms and the industry has experienced significant growth.

    We are proud to have helped thousands of couples travel to destinations they may never have considered - a great feeling for everyone at Traveler's Joy.

    I encourage you to contact us with any questions about our service. Most importantly, enjoy your honeymoon!

    Best Regards,

    Brandon Warner
    President & Co-founder
    Traveler's Joy Honeymoon Registry

  2. I like because it is kind of all of the other sites rolled into one! When I got married we registered for donations to our favorite charity and a honeymoon fund along with standard things like kitchen appliances. We also used it last year as a Christmas list and registered for a trip back to Bermuda (where we went on our honeymoon) for our wedding anniversary!