Monday, October 19, 2009

De-Stress During Your Wedding Planning

Posted by Kelly Simants

We know that the typical bride spends anywhere from 200-300 hours planning her wedding…chances are, that means you find yourself staying up late night after night, pouring over your new bridal magazines and spending hours online researching the latest trends.  Or, maybe you are looking at all of your unchecked to-do’s on your wedding checklist and are feeling a bit of stress!  Well, of course besides bringing a Wedding Planner on board to help you ease that stress, I wanted to share three products with you that will help give you instant relief and help you to de-stress!  I’ve personally used each of these products and think they work amazingly well.

This first one is from Origins and is called Peace of Mind – it’s on the spot relief for any tension or pressure you’re feeling on your neck, temples, etc.  It works wonders on headaches, as you’ll feel the pain and pressure begin to melt away immediately as the cooling sensation kicks in. Oh, and it has a wonderfully relaxing mint scent that reminds me of being at the spa!

Peace of Mind(R) On-the-spot Relief

This next product is also from Origins and is called “No Puffery” – it’s a cooling mask for puffy eyes or dark circles, and works like a charm!

Product Image

Finally, this under eye concealer helps to cover up any remaining dark circles and to brighten up your eyes!  It’s called Boots No7 Radiant Glow Concealer and is available at Target.



  1. Love, love, LOVE Peace of mind!! I keep it on my desk at all times. It's also really good for sinus headaches.

  2. Hey Melinda! Sorry for my delay in responding to your comment - they weren't coming to my email so I just realized they were stuck in Blogger! Anyway, so fun that you also love the Peace of Mind product!! Yes, sooo good for headaches too! We so need to meet up soon...I have a feeling we have a ton in common! :)

  3. No problem at all!! Ooohhh yes, we do! I'm going to email you right now. :-D