Monday, March 1, 2010

Enter to Win a Complimentary Hair and Makeup Trial with Emily Hudspeth!

Posted by Kelly Simants

Calling all 2010 Brides!  Are you still trying to find that perfect hair and makeup artist for your big day?  If so, you have the opportunity to win a complimentary hair and makeup trial (includes airbrushing if you’d like!!) from Emily Hudspeth.  Not only is Emily a super talented artist (see more of her work on her blog and this bridal gallery), but she is extremely personable and fun to be around.  I just sat with Emily for an hour and it FLEW by as she is so much fun to chat with! 

So here’s the deal…

Leave a comment on our blog and tell us about your most interesting hair and makeup experience…you know, the best haircut you’ve ever had…the funniest experience getting your makeup done, how your hair stylist saved the day, etc.

We’ll choose the winner by midnight this Friday, March 5th and will announce on Monday, March 8th. Winner will need to use the complimentary hair and makeup trial by August 31, 2010 and will need to be a bride getting married in 2010.  Winner will also need to visit Emily’s studio in Addison, TX for the hair and makeup trial.

Have fun, and good luck! :)



  1. My story is fairly boring because my haircuts have all been rather routine and I've never had pro makeup done, but one time I did show up to have my hair highlighted and walked in to discover that my colorist was my college roommate! Small world!

  2. I just found my new hairstylist crush at Peyton Thomas in Southlake, Texas. It is hard to find a stylist that you can sit with for two hours while getting your hair makeover, luckily Gina is a great conversationalist.

    I struggle with the "I don't know what I want, something that looks good?" syndrome.... Which I am sure has bothered every stylist I have ever been too. Gina got out some pictures of celebs to help narrow the search. We landed on Blake Lively as inspiration.

    After she had my foils in, we sat and chatted about her life before moving to Texas. Casually she mentioned that she lived in LA and occasionally would style celebrities.... Finally, she said "Oh yeah, I used to do Blake's extensions, that is how I knew what to do with your hair."

    STARSTRUCK! Now, I brag that Blake and I have the same stylist. And I haven't missed an appointment with Gina since. She is fantastic and my hair looks great.

    I adore Gina, but she has warned me that up-dos aren't her area of expertise. On the prowl for a great up-do for my big day!

    (Fingers crossed I will win this!)

  3. My hair stylist has saved the day for me time and time again! When I was in high school, my stylist in my home town had done my hair since I was a little she knew me pretty well.

    My hair was fairly short during that time, and she would always make me promise I wasn't planning to go to a formal dance before she would do anything drastic for me. Well, it never failed, I ALWAYS managed to have her cut my hair off right before I decided to attend the formals!

    It always worked out great in the end though, with the help of hair spray and bobby pins, she was a miracle worker!!

  4. Being that I will more than likely never get married, this service would probably not be of use to me. As much as my mother wishes it was. Therefore, I vote for the Future Mrs. Wassinger since I will be there on her wedding day and can maybe get my hair done too :)

  5. ummm.. so my frien The Future Mrs. Wassinger should TOTALLY win this amazing package!
    We cant have her looking sub par on her big day... and why not have her trusted in the amzing hands of EMILY HUDSPETH!?!?!
    How much better could it get!!

  6. Oh where do I start! When I got my hair and makeup done for my senior prom it was a disaster! My hair and make-up looked like I came straignt from the 80s! On top of that, the hairstylist took forever and by the time I got home to get dressed, my date was already there waiting to pick me up. My date got to witness me crying and pulling 5 million bobby pins out of my hair, as well as ruining my make-up because of all the crying. Thankfully, I was able to pin my hair back up where it looked decent and fix my make-up. Some girls are such drama queens;)

  7. Alice VoongMarch 03, 2010

    After numerous trial and errors in search of a new hair stylist (my normal hair stylist I went to since I was 3 retired) - I finally found "The One". She knew exactly how to cut my hair to lighten the weight and style it so that I could easily replicate it at home and on the go. I go to her and only her for my hair cut needs (even though she's a state away now). When my Senior year prom rolled around, I asked her if she did up-do's. She said, "Of course!" I bestowed my up-do hair confidence in her since she was phenomenal with hair cuts. The day of my Senior prom, I happily sat in the chair to be pampered with a beautiful up-do I had my eye set on. An hour later, my up-do was complete. She did a great job and replicated what I had envisioned. By the time I got home and put on my dress, every single one of my curls had fallen out. Mind you, I did wear a button down shirt, and my dress never went over my head, but an hour after I got home - my up-do was now a down-do. I was absolutely broken hearted! I called over my best friend and plugged in a curling iron at a final attempt to re-curl my hair before my date showed up. My best friend unloaded the entire can of hairspray, but with time constraints, the attempt was a half victory. I went to prom with a down-do with semi-curls.

  8. Loving these entries so far! Stay tuned for the winner...only 2 more days to submit entries and we'll announce the winner on Monday, 3/8!

  9. This is so fun! I love hearing the stories! Keep them coming. Im tempted to give a little treat for everyone! What do you think about that?

  10. A couple of years ago, I went to one of my best friend's wedding reception (she married in Cabo and they had their party about a week later). To treat myself and knowing that I would probably be in a lot of pictures, I decided to get my make-up professionally done. I had told the make-up artist that my dark circles were of my most concern and that my goal was to see NO traces of them by the time we were done. When she finished, I thought..."hmm..that looks pretty good....definitely not worth the price I had to pay...but looks pretty good"! Well....that salon must have had some "magical" lighting because, not five minutes after arriving at the party, a woman whom I had never met, came up to me and said, "Do you have a boyfriend"?....and I said, "Yes, why do you ask"?....she responded with "Is he abusing you"? which I said "NO, not at all! What would make you ask that kind of question"?...And what did she say????...."You have two black eyes and I thought he gave them to you". Needless to say, I was mortified!!!! I ran straight to the bathroom, and what do you know.....the dark circles were staring right back at me :(

    So...HOPEFULLY this won't happen to me on my wedding day...:)


  11. In 6th grade, I saw a gorgeous strawberry blond model on a magazine cover and decided I too wanted to have hair that color. My parents agreed to let me try it, so when I went to get my hair cut, I asked the stylist to try it out. Well, let's just say it didn't come out looking like the model on the cover. Instead, my hair was a fiery orange red! The stylist didn't have time to fix it that night so told me I'd have to come back the next day. I had to go to school with that orange-red hair the next day....pretty embarassing at any age, much less age 12. But as luck would have it, it was Halloween!!! Everyone at school thought I had dyed my hair orange for the holiday. I was mortified, but at least it was a good excuse! I never tried to go red again after that.

  12. About 10 years ago, I was in a friends wedding. She had someone do our make-up and hair, which is always fun. Well, little did I know, but apparently I was a challenge! I was told I didnt have lips, well at least an upper lip! She drew me some larger lips with liner and then colored them in. Apparently they come out better in pictures! She even sent her make up with me and showed another one of the Bridesmaids what to do. I liked the way the pictures turned out, but also worried someone could tell they were drawn on!! As for the hair, I had 80's hair, well into the late 90's!! I am from the Midwest and really didnt know what fashion was all about! One of my x-boyfriends friends told me I needed to get rid of the 80's do! That weekend a friend of mine from Wisconsin and I both went in for a total hair make over. I loved it, and have never looked back!

    I have been looking for someone to do my hair and make-up for my wedding, as I am in between hair dressers and would LOVE to have this opportunity!!! Would it help to say that I just turned 40, and this is my FIRST marriage!! : )
    Yes, I waited for God to bring the right man along! I will say, Walter was worth the wait!!

  13. And...we have a winner! Congrats to the future Mrs. Wassinger! :) Check out today's blog post for more info! Also, you're all a winner! Emily is offering you all $25 off any service with her - enjoy and thanks for participating! :)

  14. Congrats to the Future Mrs. Wassinger! Gina is my hairstylist too, and I know she'll be so happy knowing you're in good hands on your wedding day. Oh yeah, I'll be there too, because I love you :) You guys picked the right girl!

  15. One quick note to all of you winners...the $25 off that Emily is offering is good through April 6, 2010. Thanks! :)