Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Another “Thursday Therapy Success” for Dallas Wedding Pros!

Posted by Kelly Simants

This month Photographer extraordinaire, Jared Rey, captured images for us from “Thursday Therapy” (thank you SO much Jared)!  For the last few months now, Dallas Wedding Professionals have been getting together for a casual Happy Hour – to talk shop, meet new colleagues, and find ways to collaborate!  I just love the energy that is coming from this group – everyone is so friendly and welcoming, and share one common goal – collaboration!  I have been so inspired to see how people are teaming up and offering to help each other out (which in my opinion is critical for being a successful entrepreneur)!  If you’re a Dallas Wedding Pro, be sure to let us know if you’d like to be on our distribution list for future invites – we’d love to meet you! See you in January! :)

IMG_0880 IMG_0897


IMG_0882 IMG_0898 IMG_0899 IMG_0909 IMG_0915


Row 1: (from left to right) – Celina Gomez of Captivating Simplicity and Catie Ronquillo of Catie Ronquillo Photographer; Erik Clausen of Poser:Image and Josh Littrell of Littrell Photography

Row 2: Deanie Yuska of Deanie Michelle Events, Katherine Dunnie of Sweet Pea Events, and Catie Ronquillo

Row 3:  Melissa Baker of Make-up by Melissa, Michelle Holland of Fret Knot Events, Kelly Simants of Sweet Pea Events; Jason Anderson of JA2 Photography and Ashley Gatta

Row 4:  Bradley Walter; Catie Ronquillo, Tanya Perez of Perez Photography and Celina Gomez;

Row 5:  Stacy Reeves of Stacy Reeves Photography

Row 6:  Jason Anderson and Jeremy Gilliam


  1. Sambuca360 was fun! Cover band and Cougars included :) Thanks for organizing yet another sucessfull Thursday Therapy!

  2. ahahahhaa I'm cracking up at myself right now.


  3. I would love to attend a get together :) !

  4. We would love to be part of this!

  5. LOL - Row 6- J. Anderson & J. Gilliam I'm a bit curious of the story on this one.

  6. Tons of fun and can't wait till the next one, great meeting everyone! Catie, I had purged that from my memory...

  7. I would love to get on that list! Michelle from Fret Knot Events invited to the last one, but I had a final that night! I definitely will come to the next!

  8. Great! I've added you all to the evite! Hope to see you at the next one on 1/21!

  9. LOL! I have no story for row 6. I think that's just Jeremy's impersonation of a cougar. Funny thing is I didn't even see him do that.

  10. Hi! I just heard about this whole “Thursday Therapy” business and would love to be involved.