Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Red Inspiration Board #2 - “Tomato Puree”

Posted by Kelly Simants

Yesterday we featured a red inspiration board that was more dramatic and romantic in nature, and today we’re featuring a board that is a bit more “punchy” and bright.  We’ve been hearing from our brides lately that they are loving fuchsia as a complimentary color, so I’ve used shades of fuchsia to pair with our “tomato puree” Pantone red.  What do you think?  Which is your favorite board so far out of the Pantone 2010 Spring Colors we’ve featured?

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Thanks SO much to the very talented Wedding Pros who submitted images for this post!

Julianne Smith JG_1 HKProfile

Featured Above (from Left to Right):  Julianne Smith of Julianne Smith Wedding Garters, Jeremy Gilliam of Jeremy Gilliam Photography, and our very own Holly-Kate Foss of Sweet Pea Events!


Row 1:  Wedding Planning by Sweet Pea Events – image of bride’s shoes by Kim Hayes Photography; image of bouquet by Vim Studio (bouquet designed by Botanical Art Design)

Row 2:  Just Married sign by Vim Studio and Wedding Planning by Sweet Pea Events; image of bride with red necklace by Jeremy Gilliam Photography

Row 3:  Image of fans by Jeremy Gilliam Photography; garter by Julianne Smith Wedding Garters

Row 4:  Wedding Planning by Sweet Pea Events: Floral arrangement image by John & Joseph Photography; image of personalized favor jars with espresso beans (yum!) by Cheri Pearl Photography


  1. thank you so, so much for including one of my stylish wedding garters in your inspiration! i love this board b/c of the hot pink accents - who knew that hot pink looked so good with red?!? thanks again!

  2. Yay pretty red details. These are examples of how red can work in a wedding. Sometimes it just doesn't :) +1 can!